Reviews and Recommendations 

"I would highly recommend Drama Boost.

Anna is so friendly and makes all the children, parents and carers feel very welcome. I really enjoyed the relaxed environment.

I was impressed that there is a different theme planned each week with relevant props to use, they certainly kept my little one engaged!

It's refreshing to see someone so genuinely passionate about what they do.

And tea and biscuits at the end is a nice touch."

Lisa, Mum 

"Drama Boost is a great blend of storytelling, music and sensory play. The classes are really relaxed, the kids can move around the space freely, playing and interacting how they like. There are so many interesting props and toys too - it was really inventive the way Anna engaged the kids. We loved it 👍"

Christy, Mum 


"Anna is a natural entertainer, my toddler loved the session, it’s a great venue and I think the tea and biscuits at the end of the session is a really nice touch 👌🏼 we’ll be back!"

Lucy, Mum

"Fun and creative sessions which use music, song, drama and story telling throughout! My little one particularly loved the bubbles, musical instruments and meeting the animal puppets! Really imaginative session, highly recommended."

Beck, Mum

"Drama Boost is a fantastically fun class for little ones using literature, music, drama and dance! My toddler loves it! Anna’s experience as a secondary drama teacher is obvious throughout the whole session. Great venue too!" ❤️👍🏻

Carys, Mum 

"Amazing session on Wednesday morning. My toddler really enjoyed himself through so many entertaining activities like songs, animals puppets, books, bubbles, lights ... and so much more. It was just what a toddler of 2 needed to have fun. Anna was fantastic. Big well done ! We ll come again for sure!"


Christelle, Mum 

"My 18-month-old boy Tom loves this class, when we walk in to the hall he starts flapping his arms in excitement. The Session lasts for 45 minutes. At the start of each session the toddlers are given a bag of items, which relate to a theme or story, this really brings the session to life in a creative, fun and interactive way. Each session is different and I find for 45 minutes my toddler is engaged and I can sit back and watch him have fun. Anna who runs the class is lovely, she is enthusiastic and very talented. The class is informal; if your toddler is having an off day there is a corner with toys that they can just sit and play with. I would highly recommend this class for both babies and toddlers."
Anna, Mum
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